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Our Story

Welcome To Figo

In Stratford, East London, we opened the first & official FIGO in 2019. The conventional ‘Cucina Italiana’ offers a wide selection of italian dishes that mixes tradition with the contemporary. FIGO is a local family-style restaurant in the very heart of the beautiful city of london that has a welcoming and warm atmosphere and hearty portions.

We are now a famous London destination of choice and a fairly few Italians who are homesick. In the summer of 2020, we opened our next restaurant, in Brentwood, in Essex. It has helped us become a definitive Italian restaurant in the city with much greater focus on true Italian home. Originated from a love of Italian things and an urge to deliver “Great classic dishes”

We owe Alessio, our executive chef, a huge thanks for the excellent Italian flavour in London. Without your delicious dishes our nights wouldn’t be incredible and remarkable. We warmly thank this expert for creating the delicious pasta and other marvellous Italian cuisine. There was a very excellent presentation of the items. Everything cooked by you was luscious and well cherished by our valued customers. Whether it is Lasagne or risotto, whatever the dish might be, our chef’s touch will bring the true Italian essence to it and every bite resembles the true and authentic Italian flavour.

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Dishes

Our ingredients are all imported from Italy to preserve the authentic flavour. Our food is made particularly by the quality of its ingredients and all its recipes are designed to improve the taste and quality of our dish.

Why people think of FIGO when it comes to italian cuisine/food

Our ingredients are all imported from Italy to preserve the authentic flavour. Our food is made particularly by the quality of its ingredients and all its recipes are designed to improve the taste and quality of our dish. 
The versatility of several dishes composed of 4 to 8 ingredients is one of the key characteristics of Italian cuisine. Italian chefs are relying on ingredient consistency rather than making it complex and we are very good at that.

‘Italian cuisine’ has a delicious taste and feeling around the world. Special ingredients come together in every phase of cooking to build the appearance we know as Italian cuisine.
Great quality ingredients + Simplicity = Delicious Italian taste
Italians have great enthusiasm for food. It is one of the biggest reasons Italians don’t take a bite to eat from one place to another  they taste their meals in the presence of friends and family instead. Our professional chef’s are very passionate towards what they do and that measures the taste and quality eventually.

FIGO is the only centre of authentic Italian cuisine. We are listed in London’s top five of the best Italian restaurants. The touch of conventional food will never be missed in any dish by our professional chef. If you are new to Italian style and want to try a traditional dish or you want the true essence of Italian food, then Figo is the perfect place to start.


What People are Saying

“Amazing experience”

Last week, my boyfriend and I visited our new favourite restaurant, Figo, for the 2nd time. The food was brilliant as usual and we can’t wait to visit again when restrictions are lifted. In the meantime we’ll be getting takeaway!


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

we had most amazing experience at Figo. Not only was the service quick and perfect, the food was amazing. Our waiter Stefano was lovely, polite and attentive, such a great service. 


“Another successful experience”

Lovely dinner at Figo!! Debra was an excellent asset to the team and I 100% recommend the arincini and formaggi pizza ❤️ Thanks very much xx



We had an amazing time at Figo Brentwood last weekend! The food was absolutely delicious, we was recommended their special lobster tagliatelle and tortellini from our lovely waitress Stacey – looked after us all evening. Great wine selection and brilliant service, will be back very soon. Thank you for a lovely evening.


There’s more, these are just our sample feedbacks from our lovely customers. We are loved by our millions of customers and we are very proud towards what we do and deliver. Our customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.



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